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Snowmen & Ponytails

snowmen & ponytailsDaydreaming. Waiting for snow. Her nose pressed against the window. Talking. Asking questions. Looking at the world. A world she waits to explore. Innocent. Curiosity to learn. Loving her family with a hug. Hiding behind my leg for protection with strangers. Peeking as she always do, but today she’s looking out into a world. Waiting on what today will bring. Whatever comes, she’ll be ready for it. I’ll make sure of that.

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Shoe Sale

My work in progress…never have shown my artwork. Today I’m overcoming my fear and put this canvas out to the world. Been chopping away for past week now.






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Makerbot Is Letting You 3D Print With Metal, Limestone, and Wood

Makerbot—perhaps the most consumer-friendly of 3D printer manufacturers—is about to go a long way toward turning the tech into something consumers can actually use .


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Famous Paintings Behave Rudely In These Artistic Parodies [NSFW] – io9

Dixie Leota has been drawing parodies of classic paintings whose subjects just won’t cooperate. The Mona Lisa glares. The Scream yawns. And Matisse’s Woman in Blue has been caught picking her nose.


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Misfit Debuts “Bolt,” A $50 Smart Bulb That Works With Sleep Monitoring Devices

 On the heels of yesterday’s announcement of a new collection of Swarovski-encrusted Shine wearable devices, connected products maker Misfit today unveiled a wirelessly-connected, color-changing light bulb called Bolt.


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Thom Browne: My Style Rules

The designer on which items all men should own.


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BMW i3 parks itself in a multistorey parking garage

The fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant in the BMW i3 research vehicle combines the information obtained by onboard laser scanners with the digital plan of a building, for example a multistorey car park.


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The Complete Guide To Cashmere

The Definitive Cashmere Guide We’re constantly being sold the virtues of cashmere – from its unrivalled softness to its comforting warmth – but what exactly makes this wool so superior? How is it different to regular sheep’s wool, and why…


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