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Shoe Sale

My work in progress…never have shown my artwork. Today I’m overcoming my fear and put this canvas out to the world. Been chopping away for past week now.






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This bra only unhooks if you’re in love?

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This bra knows when you’re in love. Or does it?

Kip Jules‘s insight:

The video ad features some so-called human sexuality specialists, who say that when women fall in love and get excited, the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine, which stimulates the heart. An app receives heart rate information to analyze via Bluetooth from a sensor in the bra. When the “True Love rate exceeds a certain value, the bra hook is unlocked automatically.” Voila.

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Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification | Uncrate

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Worried that your new Bentley sedan/mini-limo will look overly pedestrian when parked at the local Yacht Club? The Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification ($TBA) should…
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Dyson DC59 Review: A Portable Powerhouse To Help You Ditch Corded Vacuums Entirely

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People who haven’t used a Dyson often believe their reputation to be hype. How, after all, could one device designed for sucking up dirt so far exceed any other machine designed for the same task?

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