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Shoe Sale

My work in progress…never have shown my artwork. Today I’m overcoming my fear and put this canvas out to the world. Been chopping away for past week now.






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“She came to me. Fine brown thing. Stacked. She wanted to meet me at a diner. I was down for that. I knew when I saw her the moment would be hot. I was thinking about this encounter all week. She kept me waiting. We gotten together before & I always craved her. She came quietly & sat in front of me. I pour it on thick and she was ready for me to dive in. I felt kinda bad cause I know I was cheating but I didn’t care. I needed her with my sausage. She was worth it & when we came together it’s so satisfying to me. So pleasing. She made me feel special. I picked her up & took her to my place. Turned on some music then I went right in. I couldn’t take it any longer. When I put her in my mouth I just moan of her taste. So moist. She didn’t make a sound. Just enjoyed it. As I closed my eyes in pleasure. Best dam buttermilk pancakes I’ve had in a long time.” – Kip Jules

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