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Head in the clouds


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Sammy Davis Jr.

Style. Character. Entertainer. Different.


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2,000-HP Trion Nemesis To Enter Production In 2016

With a twin-turbocharged V-8 and a promised 2,000 horsepower, the Trion Nemesis supercar sounds enticing, but—like so many other upstart supercars—it also sounds like vaporware. Yet its creators appear to be moving ahead with production plans.


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The 5 necessary things

Sometimes I put on cologne, I admit it, other times I don’t pay attention. Yet for me. 5 things complete me when I put on my suit. Cufflinks, flask, zippo, collar stays & cologne. This one here I’ve had for quite some time. Creed. A man’s scent is like the watch he is wearing. It sets the tone straight from jump.

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End Of The Work Day…

Long day at Office. Happy Hour. Invite. Home.

Long day at Office. Happy Hour. Invite. Home.

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The flying car that really could be coming to a road near you

The Slovakian AeroMobil can fly 430 miles on a tank of petrol – and when its wings fold down, it’ll fit into a normal parking space.


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This Is How Awkward It Is To Make A Sex Scene For A Movie (Video)

The scene features Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker, and we get to see how awkward it really is to simulate sex on camera.


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Bombs Over Breakfast

Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!pancakes

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