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Bartending Tricks Every Gentleman Should Know

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“I was at a party last weekend talking to one of those people who you only ever see at parties. The guy was telling me about a cocktail he wanted to make but couldn’t find anywhere that sold simple syrup. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t help hide my disappointment. Every man should know how to make simple syrup. I’ve never been a bartender, but I’ve pick up a few basics over the last decade of drinking:Make Simple Syrup: One part water, one part sugar. Put them in a sauce pan, heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Put it in a water bottle and store in your refrigerator. It takes a total of five minutes to make but you don’t want to spend the time when you’re dying for a cocktail after a long day.Make Sweet and Sour: Squeeze half a lime with ¾ ounce of simple syrup. Never use the store bought stuff. They overdo it on the sugar which guaranties an ugly hangover.Pour an Ounce and a Half: Hopefully you know this equals a shot. Take two fingers, align them horizontally to the bottom of a rocks glass, and fill to the top finger. If you have a spigot, count to six.Count Drinks: After a friend of mine got a DUI while driving home from a party I threw, I took it upon myself to monitor his drinking (silently of course). Whenever he wants a beer, I open it for him and subtly slip the cap into my pocket. If I get four caps, he gets a cab.Make a Martini: This is usually the first cocktail people learn. 3 oz vodka or gin with 1 oz vermouth. “Dry” means dry vermouth. ”Perfect” means equal parts sweet and dry vermouth. “Dirty” means that you use a little olive juice. Pretty simple. If you’re looking to make it a little more interesting, check out this post.Use Proper Ice Cubes: You want large clear ice cubes. They melt slower and won’t leave sediment. To do this bring filtered water to a boil, let it cool, and pour into a large rubber ice cube tray like this one. Cover it with seran wrap and freeze. If you want to kick it up a notch, try using this ice mold.Serve a Lady: Guys have a weird tendency to over pour when making cocktails. That’s fine if you just want to get drunk with the fellas. But you’ll come off as a shitty bartender and possibly a sexual predator if you hand a drink like that to a lady. Do yourself a favor and stick to the ratios.Drink it neat: That means just alcohol. No ice. Nothing mixed. Before you take a sip, wet your tongue. That stops the weird involuntary look you’ll otherwise make. Try moving the drink to the front of your mouth, to the bottom, then to the back. You want to hit all your taste buds before you swallow. Properly Garnish: No herbs should ever come out of a shaker. It you need to mix an alcohol with an herb (like mint in a mojito), use a strainer. The garnish is purely for show and should be a fresh leaf, not one that’s been beat to hell.” – Author Unknown