Content Curation Will Be One Of The Biggest Trends In Content Marketing for 2012 | Entrepreneur

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Below are some of the expected trends this year about Content Marketing.   – Crowdsourcing for Content Creation: It became a valid business model to tap into people’s willingness to create content for free or for low pay in return for online exposure. Now, companies of all sizes are eager to try such crowdsourcing to generate content.   – Content Curation, Aggregation and Syndication: Content curation also will be hot in 2012, but content aggregation and online syndication are losing some heat with the release of the Google Panda Farmer algorithm changes last year. Unlike aggregation and syndication that simply republish links or content, human beings select what they consider the best content in their areas of expertise, share links to the original content and add their own commentary. It’s such added value, along with convenience, that is giving content curation momentum.   – Brands as Media: More companies are beginning to understand that social media sites and tools aren’t the place for their usual marketing pitches. Instead, companies realize they need to think like publishers, not marketers, to connect their brands with online audiences.   – Content Marketing Integration: Silo marketing is out in 2012, and complete marketing integration is in. There has never been a more pivotal year for companies to take off their blinders and fully mesh all aspects of their marketing–online and offline, traditional and social.   Curated by Giuseppe Mauriello [read full article]


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