Ultimate Guide: Mens Suits

Via Scoop.itA Drunk Designer

When looking for potential employment you are what you wear so finding the right suit can make the difference between interview success or interview stress. Like wise when it’s your big moment as a groom for your wedding, or a date for the prom, looking your best is crucial for that priceless photo-opt. While shopping for a suit 3-piece and 2 piece suits can be a tad bit expensive, and the more custom made the suit the more costly the price. There are 3 things to consider when buying suits; tailoring; color and cut. Tailor made suits are custom made to fit a man’s size, the tailoring can be snug where it’s meant to fit the body like a glove or it can have a more looser feel. The color of the suit should be decided based on the occasion and the person’s individual style. For example if attending a wedding go for lighter based colors like crème, sandy brown or taupe. If for a more formal event such as a job interview, darker colors are better like basic blacks, navy blues or grays. The tailored shirt and tie should all coordinate well with the suit to create a in- sync ensemble. The cut is also optional, you may want to go for a more luxurious cut and have diamond cuff links (not recommended for an interview) or you may want to keep it simple with a form fitting blazer styled with dress skinny pants for a more new wave approach. It is also good to have your exact measurements handy when purchasing a suit, the more casual and sleek the more overall appealing your look will be. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you may want to find out if there are any sales on suits, or any special offers like buy 2 suits get 1 tie free, and some stores are more than willing to help you with your decision. Here are a few suits that will leave a good lasting impression… ~ Barbara Akowuah, NY Fashion Trends Examiner
Via www.examiner.com


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