Jay-Z Fined $18000 by New York City Court

Via Scoop.itA Drunk Designer

It seems that on some days there’s almost as much lawsuit talk surrounding Jay-Z, as there is baby talk. Just last week, Jay and Kanye West responded to a lawsuit that was filed against them by Syl Johnson regarding an unauthorized use of a sample on their Watch The Throne album. This time things hit a little closer to home for Jay, as he was ordered to pay $18,000 in fines in connection to a suit filed by the Workers Compensation Board of New York. According to TMZ, the suit claims Jay-Z skipped on a few workers compensation insurance payments back in 2009, that were meant to cover staff such as maids, drivers, cooks. The document reports that the payments were neglected for a period of three months, after which they returned to normal. The Workers Compensation Board of New York filed a suit however to collect payment for the three missing months. TMZ reports that according to a source, the missed payments were due to an accounting error, and that matters were in the process of being resolved. Considering the Watch The Throne rapper just recently came back from a $3 million gig in Dubai, financially this could be considered just a minor setback in his case.
Via freshlikedougie.com


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