Social Media A to Z Series: N is for Networks ~ 40+ Social Networks To Consider

Via Scoop.itA Drunk Designer

I have noticed that when the topic of social network is raised, it usually turns to a discussion of Facebook. Granted it is the biggest player on the planet however it is not the only one.   Ok, at some point in the discussion it may get to Linkedin, Google Plus and Twitter (which by the way is a microblog not a network but it is so widely used it surfaces regardless of what topic is being discussed). The reality is, although these are the “Big Four”, there are so many to choose from and depending on “your fancy” or strategy you may want to develop a presence at other networks as a starting point.   Now that I have planted this seed in your thinking, where do you start? There are so many out there – really. So whatever your passion, go and find your network. If it doesn’t exist, hey create one!


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